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Landmark Skylight

House Code:HFGH000420
SIP Apartment

3 Bedroom

2 Bathroom


General info

Infrared alarm, outdoor surveillance, video camera, 24h electronic patrol system. The left side of Lake is double-education district, Xinghai and Xingwan. The community is equipped with chamber, swimming complex, tennis court, gym, beauty salon etc.To the east is Hubin Xintiandi, to the south is Xindu Plaza,to the north is Global 188, subway exit, and Zuo’an business street, close to the Xinghai primary school.Lake left bank is from the Jinji Lake recently 270 thousand square metres of large noble residential groups. The planning, design and landscape design are performed by internationally renowned design firms. The estate company will make a forward-looking quality line to make it a landmark in the Suzhou Industrial Park and the highest residential area in Suzhou. Is the development of the park and the new land to build jointly Suzhou ten star property. A total area of 16 hectares, the total construction area of 270 thousand M2 large to shore life as the theme of the ecological community is a new landmark in Suzhou district is famous for its signs, residential landscape design rich and unique style. A whole small top room rate of more than 85%, apartment layout founder atmosphere, won the two residents love; all 25 floor high-rise, the floor space is very wide, daylighting is good vision, especially in the 17 blocks of the lake view room as the center, built the earliest Lakeview Park District three floor more than 25; part of floor, floor is two staircase three households, with hundreds of sets of two rooms the large-sized apartment, suitable for home economy. Lake left bank is a dual School District, you can choose in Xinghai and star bay two school districts, a wide range, is located in Xinghai school district is the main choice. District supporting facilities, the surrounding development of prosperity, the east side of the lake new world, difficult to welcome all square, north of the global 188 and subway stations, lake shore exit, and the left bank of the lake commercial street. Walk to Xinghai primary school, less than 5 minutes, very suitable for living.


  • Others:Xinghai Lifestyle Square
  • Market:Watsons,C-Store,Vanguard,Auchan
  • Equipments in the compound:GYM,Swimming Pool,Convenience store
  • Shopping Mall:Landmark Skylight business street,Global 188 Plaza,Tianhong Plaza
  • Hospitality:Suzhou SIP Xinghai Hospital
  • Bank:CMBC,Bank of Communications,DBS,BOC,ICBC,HSBC,CCB,SPDB,China Citic Bank


  • Distance Line 1 The Gate of the Orient Station 2500 Meters


  • Near Metro
  • North-south Transparent
  • With parking
  • Big Balcony




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