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Marina Cove Garden

House Code:HFGH001763
SIP Apartment

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom


General info

Enjoy the best position of Jinji Lake Shore Road No. 1, which led to city life attitude, to reproduce the extreme - Lane neighborhood garden. On the basis of the "Garden City miniature" concept, a total of the city square, garden area Maolin District metropolitan area, the four regions gradually present, harmony. Low density, high green, residential planning space and Jinji Lake landscape natural echo. From the east to the west, from the low and high spatial architectural layout, combined with the overall elevation of the community, you can get a wide view of the field of vision, while ensuring good privacy inside. Single building with curved layout, taking Jinji Lake as the center, a rippling westward divergence, harmony and lake. The originality of the use of large windows, bring more sunlight for indoor fresh oxygen, more authority permeability, people get more communication with nature. High quality environmental protection materials, such as thousands of boards, combined with advanced construction technology, show high-grade quality, and protect building for a long time. Architectural design project to single slope roof Twin Towers style, exquisite and sloping roof and below the cantilever slab support, housing and the subtle relationship between metaphor, while the top Taiwan and pick empty, that the two top feels floating at the top of the building, on the shores of the lake is more elegant. The frosted glass box building roof height and distance, scattered chic, silhouetted against the Golden Rooster Lake in the darkness, the formation of lake full high quality image in the community.


  • Hospitality:Kowloon hospital
  • Shopping Mall:Ligongdi international style business street
  • Others:Jinji Lake Park
  • Equipments in the compound:Swimming pool,GYM,Palyground,Spa Club,Restaurant
  • Bank:BOC,ICBC,Shanghai Pudong Development Bank,CHINA CITIC BANK
  • Market:EuroMart, Super Market


  • Distance Line 1 The Gate of the Orient Station 3000 Meters


  • Garden
  • Near Metro
  • Floor-heating
  • Big Balcony
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace




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